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AICTE, Mumbai University announce online workshop from 13 May to 17 May on 'Universal Human Values in Education'

The University of Mumbai in collaboration with AICTE (Western Region) will be organising an online workshop on 'Universal Human Values in Education' for institutions offering technical education.The workshop will commence on 13 May and end on 17 May. According to University of Mumbai, the workshop is of paramount significance to continue learning process amid COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown.The workshop will be conducted in Hindi and English. The morning session will be from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and the evening session will be from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.File image of Mumbai University. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons “To understand the basics of value education an online workshop is being organized exclusively for the Vice Chancellors of Technical Universities and University Coordinators appointed for coordinating the activities related to FDPs on Student Induction Programme,” the circular said.The workshop is specifically designed for sharing All India Council for Technical Edu…

Did lockdown ruin your dine-out plans on Mother’s Day 2020? Here's a full-course meal plan with recipes to treat your mom

While we all know that mothers are the driving force that keeps the family together, a special day, just dedicated to them simply makes the deal a lot sweeter. Mother’s Day, celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May, aims to do just that.

First celebrated in 1908 in the US, when a school teacher Anna Jarvis held a memorial service for her mother, it was officially recognised nine years later by then US president Woodrow Wilson.

Representational image. Flickr

Representational image. Flickr

In 2020, Mother’s Day is being celebrated on 10 May in US and other parts of the world.

However, the Mother's Day celebrated in the UK is markedly different from the one in the US. Tracing its roots back to the Middle Ages, the UK version of the day celebrating mothers follows a custom that allowed people who left home and moved away, to come back to visit their home or 'mother' churches, and their mothers, on the fourth Sunday of the Christian festival of Lent.

Traditionally, Simnel cake - a type of fruit cake with two layers of almond paste – was associated with the day in the UK.

One of the best ways to celebrate the occasion is by allowing mother’s some respite from the kitchen and actually cooking for her on the day. And while Simnel cake might not be something you are making, one can also try out a host of other delicacies to make the day special for mum.

For Starters

Simple Tofu

  1. Marinate diced tofu with water, soy sauce, vinegar and garlic powder. Keep it for minimum 30 minutes or over night
  2. Strain the tofu but do not discard the liquid
  3. Stir the marinated tofu with olive oil in a frying pan till it turns golden.
  4. Add the marinade liquid to a bowl with cornstarch and mix. Then pour the sauce on the tofu in pan
  5. Serve with herbs of choice

For Main Course

Classic Italian Pasta

  1. Cook the dried spaghetti in a pan with salted boing water.
  2. While the pasta is cooking, put olive oil and garlic in another pan. Stir it stars giving out a fragrance. Add tomatoes to the oil and garlic mixture.
  3. When the pasta is cooked, transfer it into the pan with the tomato.
  4. Add pasta water into the pan and toss the pasta around.
  5. Season it with salt, pepper and basil
  6. Serve hot.

For Dessert


  1.  Mix flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt in a large microwave-safe mug
  2. Stir in milk, canola oil, water and vanilla extract
  3. Put the mug in the microwave for about a little more than one minute
  4. Check if the cake is ready by inserting a toothpick. If it comes out clean, the cake is ready


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