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AICTE, Mumbai University announce online workshop from 13 May to 17 May on 'Universal Human Values in Education'

The University of Mumbai in collaboration with AICTE (Western Region) will be organising an online workshop on 'Universal Human Values in Education' for institutions offering technical education.The workshop will commence on 13 May and end on 17 May. According to University of Mumbai, the workshop is of paramount significance to continue learning process amid COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown.The workshop will be conducted in Hindi and English. The morning session will be from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and the evening session will be from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.File image of Mumbai University. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons “To understand the basics of value education an online workshop is being organized exclusively for the Vice Chancellors of Technical Universities and University Coordinators appointed for coordinating the activities related to FDPs on Student Induction Programme,” the circular said.The workshop is specifically designed for sharing All India Council for Technical Edu…

Wikipedia article of the day for March 21, 2020 - Trillionaire Master The Wikipedia article of the day for March 21, 2020 is Island of stability.
The island of stability in nuclear physics is a predicted set of isotopes of superheavy elements whose half-lives may be considerably longer than those experimentally observed for these elements. Its theoretical existence is attributed to stabilizing effects of closed nuclear shells and magic numbers of protons and neutrons. The island of stability is generally thought to center near copernicium and flerovium isotopes with around 184 neutrons, separated from known stable and long-lived nuclides. While stabilizing effects are expected to be greatest for nuclides with around 114 protons, other islands of stability might also exist around heavier nuclides with higher magic numbers. Estimates of the stability of elements on the island are usually around a half-life of minutes or days, with some estimates of up to millions of years. The synthesis of nuclides with up to 118 protons and 177 neutrons has demonstrated a slight stabilizing effect supporting the island's existence.